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The Worry Bank Disclaimer

The Worry Bank is not a real bank and does not in any way function as one. The word bank is used to convey an image and not to imply any connection to or function of a financial institution.

The Worry Bank does not in any way claim to be a professional therapist nor does it claim to solve problems. The purpose of The Worry Bank is to entertain, amuse, and distract people from their every day worries temporarily, much the same way as any other form of entertainment might. If you have serious problems, please consult the proper person, professional, agency, etc. to obtain help. The Worry Bank does not encourage anyone with a problem to ignore it or think it will magically go away. Please get the proper help if you need it.

The Worry Bank is not a "children's" site and is not produced with children in mind. It is, however, a SAFE SITE for anyone of any age.

The Worry Bank Privacy Policy

The Worry Bank will not ask for or obtain personal information about you unless you choose to provide such information for the purpose of receiving a response from us in email. You do not need to submit your name, address, phone number, email address or any other identifying information to visit, use and/or enjoy this site. In cases of surveys, polls or any other interactive areas of this site, an "alias" or "handle" will be enough to distinguish you from other visitors.

Please be assured that anything you send to The Worry Bank will be kept completely confidential.

Though the Worry Bank has not created any cookies itself, some cookies may be used on third party software, scripts and applets. Any cookies that are used on The Worry Bank do not track you or identify you or keep any information about you. An example is the forum software, which may use a cookie to allow you to store your user name and password for easy return.

In some instances it's possible that third party sites such as polls or surveys may use cookies to prevent multiple votes or responses. Cookies of those types are not used by The Worry Bank itself and information is not passed on to The Worry Bank. The Worry Bank has no input or control of what any third party sites may do. However, to the best of our knowledge, the only function of those cookies is to prevent frequent and multiple responses.

The Worry Bank does not share, sell, or otherwise give out any private information you may choose to share. Any information about yourself is solely for the purpose of being able to provide you with content you can enjoy. The Worry Bank will not contact anyone who does not request a response unless you expressly submit a form or email requesting a response.

This site contains links to other sites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any other Web sites. Sites listed as part of search lists may not have been visited by The Worry Bank. Please read the section below for more on linked sites.

Privacy Pertaining to Children (under 13)

The Worry Bank does not want or ask for any personal information from children. If you are under 13 please do not provide any private information that can in any way identify you. It is not needed to use this site.

Although The Worry Bank did visit most of the linked sites (excluding those that are part of a search list) before listing them, sites are subject to change and we can't be responsible for anything on the sites. Please do not visit any links without the permission of your parents or guardians. Please check with your parents or guardians before visiting linked sites to be sure the contents of linked sites are appropriate for your age.

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